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  • This is my second truck I've purchased from E&M. The first truck I purchased from E&M was 6 years ago and I loved it and I never had a single problem with it. I did a lot of research for my second truck and I had a set price in my budget. Other dealers I searched, I couldn't get anything newer than a 2011 with 100k miles. Then I found a highly optioned 2013 with less than 100K at E&M, and it was priced below my budget. And on top of that, they put a leveling kit on it and it came with an awesome set of aftermarket wheels. I love my new truck and I will keep going to E&M. If you're looking for a clean low mile diesel, go to E&M.

    Anthony L.  Culpeper, VIRGINIA

  • My name is Jason Purks and I just purchased a 2006 F-350 from E&M Auto. The prices are very fair and the guys are great to work with. They went out of their way to get the deal done. I highly recommend them for all of your truck needs. Thanks again guys !!!


    Jason Purks,  Fredericksburg, VIRGINIA

  • Old School Hospitality....Found these guys online shopping for a used truck...awesome folks! Eric and Paul are down home boys who make you feel as though you just showed up for the BBQ...I kept looking for the grill and beer! Can't say enough good things about my buying experience, they went above and beyond to get my truck done and done right! Sold me a beautiful Chevy...put a 6" lift and wheels and sent me on my way! Give these boys a call and you can see for yourself! If they had more than 5 stars I would give it!!

    Thanks guys...


    Dennis B.,  Staunton, VIRGINIA

  • I just wanted to take some time and extend my appreciation for all the help that Paul and Eric provided. After selling my 2013 Sierra I was in the market for a replacement - hoping for something older. I found this truck online and by looks alone was interested. After seeing it in person and taking a test drive with Paul, I was sold. Being that they are a smaller outfit they seem to be very selective with their inventory, and they have that rural feel to their service - personable and patient; willing to answer all questions asked. After purchasing, I had the truck checked out by my local mechanic who is notorious for being a bit of stickler when it comes to state inspections. He found a couple matters of concern so I called up Eric and explained the situation. He did not get defensive or argue with me...quite the opposite actually. He told me that "I sold you a truck with confidence, and I want you to feel the same. Bring it to me and I'll have it checked over. If there is anything wrong with it, I'll take care of it. (Nothing ended up being wrong with the truck)

    David G.,   Marshall, VIRGINIA

  • Misty, Eric and Paul,

    It was a pleasure dealing with you! I have purchased many vehicles over the last few years and this was by far the best car purchase experience I've had. And thank you for holding the truck for me while I drove from Cary NC to pick it up! It was well worth the 4 hour drive!


    T. Bailey,   Cary, NORTH CAROLINA

  • Good morning Eric! Thank you again! We have owned and purchased many vehicles with transferring around in the Coast Guard for 21 years. Working with you and Misty was by far the best experience we've had buying a vehicle. Your trucks, while used are in excellent shape and reflect your pride in your work. It was a pleasure working with you, and meeting your really nice family. God has blessed you in many ways, and you pass that on through the way you interact with your customers. We look forward to many years of enjoyment with our awesome F-350, and will definitely buy from you again in the future, and highly recommend you to our friends and family. 

    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

    Tom, Ellen, and Family,  Disputanta, VIRGINIA

  • Here is a picture of the great truck we bought from you and the reasons why! We are at the Outer Banks right now and no problems pulling!

    Thank you!

    Sandi Del Rosario,   Manassas, VIRGINIA 

  • Eric & Misty,

    This truck is better than advertised. Sure am glad I made the choice to buy sight unseen. Hope all are well and God Bless.

    Richard H,    Carlisle, PENNSYLVANIA

  • Hi Misty and Eric,

    Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts in making this purchase of my sharp lifted F250 Powerstroke happen on a Saturday afternoon! Everything was very professionally done from the truck to the buying experience. It couldn't have worked out better, buying an awesome truck on my way home from vacation. The truck handled the seven hour drive home great. Thanks!

    J. Kerr, Punxsutawney PENNSYLVANIA

  • Eric and Misty,

    Thank you so much for everything you guys did to make my son's dream of owning a Duramax a reality!! It is so refreshing to be able to deal with folks that you know in your heart of hearts are genuine and honest. It's also evident that you care about your customers and are not just out "to make a sale". We had fun getting to know you both....and your fur babies too!!

    I was very impressed with your vehicles. All of your cars and trucks are in pristine condition and I can tell you are very choosy in what you buy and sell. The 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500 that we bought is in excellent shape inside and out! With all of the work you put into the truck I thought the price was more than fair. I would certainly recommend your dealership to my friends and family. Thank you again for all of your efforts, and for making the process go so smoothly for us. I would not hesitate to drive the 5 hour round trip to buy from you again.


    Lisa Emerson

    Austin Scruggs

    Keysville, VIRGINIA

  • Eric and Misty-
    We want to thank you both for working with us on the purchase of a Toyota Scion for our daughter.  She absolutely loves the truck and is on her own now!  We are confident that the vehicle purchased from you is excellent condition and it is a safe first car for her drive as a new driver. 
    As you know, this is one of four vehicles we have purchased from E&M since you began selling high quality vehicles years ago.  I assure you this will not be the last purchase we make at E&M.   The amount of time and energy that both of you put into the purchase process was far superior to any other dealership we have ever purchased from in the twenty years we have been buying cars.
    You both were extremely honest and patient and worked with us to find the perfect vehicle for our 16 year old.  We highly recommend E&M to our friends and family and will continue to do so!   
    Thank you, again and we will see you soon.
    David and Patty Myers,  Culpeper, VIRGINIA

  • Eric & Misty,

    I want to thank you both for working with me on the purchase of my truck. I’ve purchased a ton of vehicles over the last 25 years and by far your knowledge of the different trucks and the little details of each is second to none. I’ve told everyone in my circle about the customer service I received and I can assure you this, when its time for another vehicle no matter the make I will be coming back in. 

    Both Misty and Eric were honest and willing to answer my endless questions throughout the purchase process and I really appreciate the tour of the facility to see just what goes into ensuring that every vehicle is in perfect working condition prior to going on the lot. I’d say that many of the other local lots should stop in and take notes on how these two are creating customers for life. I have and will continue to provide positive feedback on my experience at E and M.

    Thanks Again,

    T. Fontenot,  Fredericksburg, VIRGINIA

  • Eric & Misty,

    I'm sorry for the delay but hands down, your customer service is a perfect 100%! I can't thank the both of y'all enough for having an opportunity to buy from E&M. I can't tell you how many complements I've gotten on my truck. Most of the time you pull up into a dealership, there's always that one sales person to run up on you and make you feel pressured.  E&M is the total opposite and that's one of the things I won't forget about them.  Both Eric and Misty were very honest and straight forward throughout the whole process.  The truck looked better in person than online.  That there shows you they take pride in making their inventory look good for their customers.  I can promise I will be back in the near future to buy another truck.  I recommend anyone who is looking for a truck to check E&M Auto Sales out!  Even if you're hours away like myself and many others were. Eric and Misty I would be honored to spread the word of good business to others down my way.

    Thanks again,

    T. Colligan    Prince George, VIRGINIA

  • I found E&M auto sales online and when I searched through their trucks they had really affordable prices and they didn't seem like they were trying to hide any information. Then I read their testimonials and saw all of the great things that people had to say. When I arrived there was no pressure to take a test drive or buy a truck it was all really relaxed and Eric and Misty are both really great people that can give you all of the info about the trucks. It was truly a pleasure doing business with them and knowing i was getting a truck that was going to last. All of the trucks on their lot are just like the pictures show and there is no hiding of any information like i have seen at other used car dealerships. I would definitely purchase a second truck from them no questions asked because i know they are trustworthy. You have to see for yourself!! I can guarantee that they won't disappoint you and you will find the truck that you're looking for. I feel like more dealerships used and new should make you feel as relaxed and sure about your purchase as Eric and Misty do. I thank you both for providing me with a truck that I can depend on for years to come.  


    T. Werking,   Montgomery Village, MARYLAND



  • Hello Eric & Misty,
    I am very happy with everything, you guys made this my best auto buying experience ever!!

    Thank you again for the wonderful experience that I had buying the truck there last month! It was by far the best experience I ever had buying a vehicle. I found the truck listed for sale online, and I called with questions and they were answered in a very straight forward way, no beating around the bush! 

    They also agreed to hold the truck for me till I got to come look at it later that day, and when I got there to look at it and test drive it there was nothing that had been advertised wrong, the truck was exactly how they said! They put absolutely no pressure on me to buy the truck or any other truck, they gave information and left it at that. I've been to the big dealerships, and the pressure i've gotten when I walk into one of the big dealership lots is enough to keep me from going back there!
    I loved how welcome I felt there, and how they were there to answer questions, and they left the decision making completely up to me! Most dealerships you walk into try to make all the desicions for you regardless of your desires and needs, they look after their own more so.

    Take care,
    M. Fisher,  Harrisonburg, VIRGINIA

  • Eric and Misty at E&M Autos, 

    I don't know how to explain the customer service with a word good enough to describe how happy I am with them. I recently moved to Virginia from Florida, working a job that requires long days and about 2 hours from their dealership. To make matters even more tough, no cell phones allowed in the building where I work. They were always there to answer the phone when I called on break time, had an answer for all my questions and after about 4 days or what seemed like weeks of phone calls and not even meeting face to face, we finally were able to be happy with a deal we had been discussing with a lender on a truck that is ABSOLOUTELY SPOTLESS. The engine bay, under carriage, interior, lift, wheels and tires, everything about this truck is clean. My hours at work required me to be at work later than they were open, 6 days a week. Once everyone was happy with the discussed deal, they were more than happy to stay late on a saturday evening and still provided excellent service and didn't seem like they wanted to leave or were bothered! I would highly reccomend them to anybody. All their vehicles on the lot are very clean and all in great shape. Not one time did I feel like I was bothering them or like an inconvenience in ANY way. I WILL be purchasing another vehicle through them in the future!!!

    Eric and Misty, thank you!

    C. Hanson,  Mineral, VIRGINIA

  • We had a wonderful experience buying from Eric and Misty! Was very pleased with the customer service. There was no pressure when we pulled in to look at the trucks. Eric and Misty answered any questions we had. The whole transaction went very smooth. We got a Great truck at a very decent price. I have recommended E&M Auto to several people. If you want great service and a reliable used vehicle, then this is the place to go.

    Thanks Again Eric and Misty!

    Jeff and KJ,  Orange, VIRGINIA

  • Thank you Eric & Misty for making our buying experience such a pleasant one. Love the 4-Runner! We will definitely tell our friends what a great place it is to buy a vehicle!

    James & Lisa R.  Elkwood, VIRGINIA

  • Would like to thank eric and misty on the purchase of my 06 f250.. They where very helpful... Eric had the truck "popping"  Wheel and tires and lift kit... I have had a lot of people say how great the truck looks.. Eric is very knowledgeable on diesel engines.. And he made me feel at ease with the purchase of the good old 6.0.... I would recommend them for any purchase of a used diesel truck at E&M auto sales !!!!!!!         
    Thank you.
    A. Carola    Cascade,  MARYLAND

  • First I would like to tell you what how nice and truly classy people you are. My wife and I are moving to Florida and we were looking for a dually pickup truck both to haul our animals there and to use going forward to pull our horse trailer to  horse shows. We were quite successful a number of year ago competing at national level competitions. We still have horses  but we have not shown in a number of years. We are moving to the Ocala Florida area The Horse Capital of the World and most of our shows will be in that area occasionally leaving the state to attend the world and national championship shows. It did not make a lot of sense to us to go out and buy a new truck that we would be using less than 10,000 miles a year. We saw a truck on your website that seemed to exactly fit our needs. MY friend and neighbor is a car dealer who had been looking for us he told us to tell you to take it to a Ford dealer have him do the 90 point inspection and if it checked out by it because he could not find me a better truck at a better price. I called and asked you to do it I need it so without hesitation. The dealer knew of you said you have an outstanding reputation  selling only the finest and most pristine vehicles. When they called me and asked me if I was going to buy the truck because if I wasn't they were I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. I asked if you could take it and have a gooseneck hitch and wiring put in for me and you went the extra mile to do it for me no hesitation. When we arrived to pick it up I was shocked it looks better than the pictures and video. It new smelled  new ran new. if we were staying in the Northeast and I need for another large 4 wheel drive vehicle I would have bough one of your other vehicles for my wife spot. When I brought it home my friend the car dealer me if I wanted to sell it to him.He said he could put it on his lot and make some money. It takes a giant leap of faith   to buy a vehicle sight unseen five hours away but I will never regret that I did. the next time I'm looking for a truck 10 or 15 years from now  I'll hop on a plane buy another one from you and drive it home to FLorida. Thank you for everything.

    Tom and Sarah   Annville,  PENNSYLVANIA

  • Hi Eric & Misty,

    Just a quick note to say THANK YOU!  The experience and professionalism that you both provided during the sale of our 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Crew Cab, was AWESOME! We will definitely keep you in mind for future purchases. We LOVE the new truck and receive GREAT raves from friends and family. 

    Give a big hug to Cruize & Chloe for us! : )

    Thanks again,

    The Carter's, Spotsylvania, VIRGINIA

  • I bought a 2007 ford 250 from you guys and I love it! You were the most friendly people I've ever bought a car from! When I buy my next truck it will also be from you guys! The truck has ran great and looks great! Thanks a lot!!

    L. Charity,  Charles City, VIRGINIA

  • I would highly recommend E & M Auto Sales to anyone who is searching for a diesel truck or any other automobile.  Eric & Misty are awesome honest folks! They both go above and beyond to provide outstanding customer service and are a lot of fun.  Having seen a truck I liked on their website, I called Eric on his cell after normal business hours to discuss. The following day I again called Eric, around 9pm to ask more detailed questions.  Not only did Eric address all my concerns he started asking his own questions as to why I liked this specific truck and what I was looking for in a truck. As it turned out this was the most important conversation we shared, he suggested I check out a different truck on the site one he felt would be a better choice for me.  Another 9:30 pm call to Eric to talk about the F350, after the discussion I realized he was right the truck was clearly better suited for me.  The next day after some hours of deliberation, I called Misty and agreed to purchase the truck, sight unseen relying on Eric’s word and the excellent photos on their site. I then spoke with Eric and he told me not to worry, if this was an impulse purchase and I changed my mind later he would understand, just to let him know.  That is something you don’t hear every day!  In person the truck was exactly as described on the E & M site and it became clear to me why Eric made the suggestion on this truck, as it totally was the right choice for me – thank you Eric!

    My 2007 Ford F350 is housed in its own garage, maintaining the incredible condition of this remarkable truck!

    Thanks again,
    Edward Cullen    Davidsonville, MARYLAND

    Cruize & Chloe -  a fond hello!

  • Eric & Misty,

    I am pleased with the transaction we made and am looking forward to using the Truck and Trail Wagon in the future. Have a great day and I hope to see or talk to you again sometime in the future.

    John and Lee Terry   Bullock, NORTH CAROLINA

  • Eric and Misty,
    We purchased a 2006 F-350  dually crew cab from you this past December.  The truck was in near new condition, and the photos listed on-line depicted the entire truck, detailing every aspect of the truck.  When we looked at the truck in person, it was every bit as good as the photos represented.  The truck had exceptionally low mileage for the year, and it was clear that the previous owner took extreme care of the truck.  It was a no pressure deal, as the negotiation was done over the phone a week prior to our visiting  E &M in person. There were no surprises when we arrived in person to formalize the deal and we were able to drive the vehicle back to New Jersey after  spending about 1 1/2 hours at E&M..  All of the trucks that we saw in the inventory were in great condition, and it was conforting knowing that the trucks that were being sold were pre-selected based upon their quality and condition and not an inventory composed of worn out, high mileage vehicles.  Your follow up on the paper work concerning the title was prompt and exceptional.  We would not hesitate to purchase another used truck from E & M, as a matter of fact, that will be the first place that we will look again since we know that the used vehicles are in your inventory based upon their quality condition. The prices are low for the amount of vehicle that you are getting. It was well worth the drive.
    Thanks again,
    Bob and Kim Church    Cape May Court House, NEW JERSEY

  • Eric & Misty,
    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed doing business with you at E&M Auto Sales.  I had been looking for a 2nd gen dodge for about a year and had not been able to find anything clean with low miles and within my price range.  When I saw the pictures that were posted on your site I knew I had to call about your listing.  Eric did such a superb job documenting the entire vehicle with photographs that before I called I had a solid idea of the condition of the vehicle.  After talking with Eric over the phone I had a good feeling that he was openly representing his inventory and stood behind what he sold, not a common attribute in the used vehicle sales business.  When he offered to purchase me a return flight home if the vehicle was not as described, I decided to purchase a plane ticket to VA for the next day.  Eric arranged a ride for me from the airport to his location and the experience at E&M was second to none.  Eric greeted me with an open hand and absolutely no pressure on selling.  He answered all of my questions without hesitation and gave me room to breathe while I looked the truck over.  I looked the vehicle over for about 2 hours and couldn't find a single thing wrong that I had not been told about.  The condition of this truck was immaculate.  It's rare that I see vehicles taken better care of than I take care of my own vehicles, and this truck looked like it was parked in a garage 10 yrs ago and brought out for me to buy.  When I looked at the other vehicles on the E&M lot, I could tell that they only deal in vehicles that are in top condition and don't bother with junk.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy a vehicle from E&M sight unseen knowing that it would be nothing less than a great vehicle.  

    Misty was more than easy to deal with and very patient with the loops I threw at her when it came to getting the money wired to them.  Thank you.  That afternoon I was driving away with the confidence that I had purchased a great vehicle that would last me for year to come.

    If your looking to purchase a used vehicle I would HIGHLY recommend E&M Auto Sales.  You won't be disappointed!  

    Sean,      Chattanooga, TENNESSEE

  • Eric and Misty - thank you for ALL you guys did to make purchasing our truck from you easy, no stress, and fun! You are both a joy to work with and we definitely suggest you to ALL of our friends.  
    Merry Christmas!

    Jason & Sara,  Fredericksburg, VIRGINIA

  • Misty & Eric,

    It was nice meeting you both. We love the Ford Edge! Thanks for all your help. Look us up if you ever get over to the Eastern Shore. Take Care.

    Roger & Susan,   Grasonville, MARYLAND

  • The whole staff was extremely friendly & knowledgeable! We have purchased many vehicles from all different types of dealers and this was BY FAR the most pleasant experience we have had. Cruize & Chloe are wonderful mascots!

    Steve & Deborah      Fort Valley, VIRGINIA

  • Hi Misty & Eric!

        Sorry for the delay in my response, we have been so busy since we got home that we almost forgot to email you guys. We hope that all is well with you and with the puppies!!! :) They were the cutest!

        We just wanted you to know that we had such a pleasure dealing with you on the sale of our truck. We have never purchased a vehicle from the US before and it was a bit scary but you guys made it such a smooth and easy process. The many detailed pictures that you sent us before we purchased were excellent, without those we would have never travelled so far to purchase a truck The endless phone calls from us asking questions had to be a pain but you guys were always there to answer anything at all. We knew exactly what we were getting without ever seeing the truck. It is EXACTLY as you told us. Actually, the truck was even better when we finally saw it in real life! We drove all the way from your dealership in Virginia to St. John's Newfoundland Canada (Over 1000 Miles) without any issues at all. We thank you for all your help with the paperwork to get the truck into Canada without incident.

        We were asked many times where we purchased the truck, and gladly told everyone where we got it what a pleasant experience we had dealing with you guys. We will definitely be back in a few years to purchase another one. Hopefully sooner if all goes well. ;)

    And give us a call if you ever visit the East Coast of Canada! 


    Thanks so much!

    Mike & Shannon     St. Johns, Newfoundland CANADA

  • Eric & Misty,
    We love the Dodge Mega Cab truck that we recently purchased from you. We would like to thank you for the way you all handled the sale.  Barbara and I enjoyed working with you. The truck was even cleaner in person that we expected!  
    We enjoyed meeting all of you and look forward to working with you again.
    Thank you all!

    Skip & Barbara     Sandston, VIRGINIA

  • Hi Eric, Misty, Cruize & Chloe,
    The Ford Ranger I bought from E&M Auto Sales is wonderful!!!  The sales process went very smooth and easy for my wife and I.  The truck has been running great plus I get many compliments on how nice and new it looks also.  Again thank you for this auto buying experience.  I will buy my next car/truck from you all again.
    Mark & Jody  Fredericksburg, VIRGINIA

  • If you're looking for the typical run-around found at many other dealerships you'll be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you're looking for friendly and honest service from genuinely nice folks this is the place for you. All vehicles are as advertised - no surprises here! Good vehicles at fair prices and good folks to deal with - an excellent buying experience. Kudos also to the detailer who takes obvious pride in his work. Count us among your growing list of satisfied customers.

    Thanks again,
    Bob and Sue    Locust Grove, VIRGINIA

  • Eric and Misty..
    Just a brief note to let you know how much I appreciated your friendly, straightforward way of dealing with me. I'm pleased with my purchase and appreciative that you readily did the things I needed to complete the sale. With your ethics and friendly demeanor, I'm willing to bet you'll be in business when next I need to buy, and you can be sure I'll check you guys out first!     

    D. Marshall  Spotsylvania, VIRGINIA

    btw..Thanks for the tank of gas...that was a very nice touch!

  • Eric & Misty,
    Just a quick note to thank you for what proved to be one of the most positive buying experiences in my 35 years of trading cars. Dealing from large distances (900 mile round trip) can be daunting, but the huge number of clear, detailed, on line photos and your willingness to answer any and all questions, made it obvious that you were making an honest effort to represent the 2008 Expedition EL Limited, without trying to hide any bumps or warts. One never knows what to expect when dealing with a small privately owned dealership, but upon arrival, the obvious high quality of your whole inventory spoke volumes about you and your business. Upon meeting both of you, we immediately felt we were working with down to earth, ethical people who certainly transcended all the age old stereotypes of old school used car sales. In short.... you made the whole experience exceedingly comfortable and fun, for both of us. The truck is, much to our pleasure, even nicer than the photos indicated. The test drive went flawlessly and quickly convinced us the truck was everything you had represented it to be.... and more. The purchase quickly became pretty much a no brainer. We were approached twice, on the drive home, by people asking where we bought the vehicle and we were more than happy to recommend E&M Auto Sales to them. Given the opportunity, we would definitely not hesitate to do business with you in the future.
    Steve & Donna   Greenville, SOUTH CAROLINA

  • Superior Pre-Owned Trucks and Great Service from HONEST People!

    J. Moore,  Charlottesville, VIRGINIA

  • We thought all you guys were great.We Love the car, did great coming home too. Hope we can do business again. Thanks again. Love your Dogs

    Kevin & Sallie,  Everett, PENNSYLVANIA

  • Great place to buy a truck. Good honest people that treat you right. Bought our last dually from them and was the best experience in the last 9 trucks I've bought. Also hooked us up with A&M Repair shop and the good guys over there. Hard to find genuine honest people in this day and age. Thanks again guys.

    J. Moss,  Bealeton, VIRGINIA

  • Eric & Misty

    We just want to thank you again for the great experience we had buying our 2006 Chevrolet Silverado. E & M Auto Sales is like no other dealership they make you feel very welcome and no pressure! Eric will go that extra mile to make things right! And Misty makes the paper work a breeze! So before you go else where to look for a truck let E & M Auto Sales be your first stop they have a variety of trucks! Also stop in and say hello to Cruize & Chloe they are Eric & Misty's English Bulldogs. They add a little touch to E & M Auto Sales ! My husband loves his truck!

    Thanks Again,

    Steve & Vanessa C.    Stuarts Draft, VIRGINIA 

  • I just wanted to thank you guys for selling such a great truck and coming in on your day off to sell it to me. It's a great addition to my family with the little one on the way and look forward to shopping with yall again, no other place could compete.

    Thank You,

    Travis B. 
    Fredericksburg, VIRGINIA

  • Eric & Misty,

    Thanks again for the Black '06 Dodge Ram 1500. It's a beautiful looking and great driving truck. My experience with you all was great and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

    Thanks again,

    Chris R.   Fredericksburg, VIRGINIA

  • Hey Misty & Eric,

    Just figured I'd send ya a couple pics of my truck, I pulled it outta storage on Sunday from sitting in my brothers warehouse since October. I slapped a classic "Ford" plate on the front. Hope business is treating you guys well, everyone that asks about my truck I write down your website for them to check out, hopefully you get more satisfied customers from up here!


    J. Zimmerman    Seneca, NEW YORK

  • Eric & Misty,

    Just to let you know the 05 Dodge Ram was everything you had described. The truck ran great on the way home. It was well worth the trip down from PA. Thanks again...

    Bill & Cynthia B.   Conestoga, PENNSYLVANIA

  • Eric & Misty,

    Thank you for another exellent truck.  I'm 54 yrs old and I've met a lot of people in my travels and Eric is a man of his word and that is very rare. THANK YOU again.

    B. White,   Shinglehouse, PENNSYLVANIA

  • Thank you for the Great truck it drove fine all the way home, which was about 4 hours and about 230 miles and ran almost like new. I will tell anybody if they are looking for a good truck at a good deal I will send them your way. Thanks again from all of us here at M&M Automotive for your good service. 
    Tell Cruize I said hello:)  

    Mike M.   Hertford, NORTH CAROLINA

  • Eric & Misty,

    Thank you so much for an amazing experience! I am so glad I found you guys. You truly made my buying experience a pleasure. Everything about my experience with you was great and that is why I felt compelled to write this. I am a manager in a sales environment and I was blown away by your service. Customer service means everything to me.

    I had been looking for a truck for quite some time. In that time I encountered a lot of product and a lot more sales people. Its nice to know that there are still a couple people out there that care about EVERYTHING. The customer, the product, making sure I was comfortable with the terms of the deal. I could type forever on all the things I noticed during the entire process. You made me feel important, safe, at ease, and proud. Your inventory is the cleanest I have seen anywhere from Richmond to Northern VA. And as long as you are in business you have a customer for life!
    Thank you and best of luck in all you do.


    William Zalepeski,    Ruther Glen, VIRGINIA

  • I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful experience in dealing with your company. Sometimes you never know what you are going to get when you buy something sight unseen. However, your item description was spot on and your verbal follow up confirmed to me exactly what to expect.

    The experience was further enhanced by picking me up at the airport in Richmond. We signed the paperwork at a nearby gas station and I began my drive home to Atlanta. I typically hate long drives, but I have to say that I enjoyed driving my new truck home!

    Thanks again and I hope to buy more vehicles from you in the future!

    David C.   Villa Rica, GEORGIA

  • I finally found the truck I've been looking for at E&M!
    It started a few months ago when I decided to purchase a pickup truck. I wanted one like a couple of older ones we had in the mid nineties, a GMC or Chevy C1500-C2500 extra cab. I've seen a lot of junk but E&M had one that was very clean, exactly matched what I had been looking for!
    Eric and Misty treated us like two friends when we got to the office and there was no pressure at all. Eric answered questions then gave me the keys and told me to take it out and did not come with us. Misty did the paperwork when we returned while “Cruize” the English bulldog entertained us, it was a nice change and experience for buying a truck, no stress, laid back, and easy.
    Now my son is jealous and wanted to drive up today to find a truck for him. I got a feeling we'll be back soon to get another one from you guys!
    Thanks again and the truck has been great, even got a few comments and questions about it already. No one can believe the way it looks and sounds for its age.

    Dave & Pam   Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA

  • Eric & Misty,

    Thank you both again.  This was the easiest and by far the best car buying experience my wife and I have ever had.  Not only will we recommend your dealership to others but hope to see you again when its time for another truck.
    You have a great selection of vehicles all of which are very reasonable in price, I wish you both great success.

    Thank you both again,

    Sean R.   Ruckersville, VIRGINIA

  • Hi Eric & Misty,
        We do not know where to begin other then to say our experience with you was nothing less then wonderful!  My husband had been looking for this particular truck for sometime.  A few days before we located you he found a truck at Nations Trucks in Sanford Florida, everyone should BEWARE OF THEM!!!! He asked all normal questions, which some went unanswered.  He decided to book a flight for him and his buddies to go get this truck and drive back because from what he was told it was exactly what he wanted.  When he got there they did nothing but lie!!! The truck was not what he was told.  So then he was stranded in Florida having to book another flight home!  We found the truck at your lot and contacted you.  We received nothing but honestly and courtesy right off the get go! Eric went out of his way to answer any questions and be completely honest with us!!! Even as far as to lay under the truck to take pics to send us!!!!  We told him we were on our way and he took our word!!!  We had a six hour drive and when we got there there was absolutely no disappointment! The truck was exactly what we wanted and exactly what Eric told us it was!!!! You were both the nicest and honest people to deal with!!! The drive was every minute worth it and we will never be worried to come back or recommend you to ANYONE!!!! Absolutely the greatest experience with any salesman hands down!!! We cannot thank you enough!!!! We highly recommend you to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kathy & Matt Gernert  East Palestine, OHIO

  • Dear Eric, Misty, (and Cruize)

    My husband Sean and I recently purchased a Ford diesel from you about two weeks ago. We wanted to write you both to say thank you for the wonderful service and vehicle. Sean had been researching and looking for a Ford F250 Power Stroke 7.3L diesel for a few months when he came across the truck posted on EMAutos.com.  It was a long trip for us- about 3 hours from Delaware- but with the pictures you both sent us and the awesome over-the-phone customer service, we knew we had to take a chance and come see the truck in person.  Not only was the vehicle in excellent condition, the process to purchase the truck and trade in our truck was quick and seamless from start to finish. And we loved Cruize! Our basset hound, Emma, loves this truck, too. Her only requirement was that the new truck had to have a bench seat. Well, this one is perfect. We've recommended people to your website and if we ever buy another truck, we will gladly make the trip back to Virginia!

    All the best,
    Katie & Sean   Middletown, DELAWARE

  • Eric & Misty,

    I had to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful treatment you afforded us when we were at your dealership. Our son Travis bought the red 01 Ford crew cab pickup last month and he and his family couldn't be happier. We would recommend you to anyone we know. Thank you for being such a warm and friendly place to do business.


    Lynn M.  Brandy Station, VIRGINIA

  • Misty & Eric,
    I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that after my 5 hour drive, I made it home safely at 3 pm Saturday afternoon. The truck did great and I had a good trip. Thanks again for your help. 
    My purchase from E&M Auto Sales was completely over the web, I found my Toyota Tacoma via their listing on Autotrader.com. We were able to do the entire purchase online and I was met by Misty with my truck at the Amtrak depot in Fredsricksburg after taking a train to Virgina. A half hour later I was on my way home back to NC with my new truck, it was just that simple. I have been completely satisfied with my purchase from E&M and had received nothing but compliments on how clean and the overall condition of my truck. Thanks again to E&M Auto Sales for making it happen!

    Charles Holden   Whiteville, NORTH CAROLINA 

  • It was a long drive to get to you guys, but well worth it!!! The ride home in that "BEAST" was AWSOME! I love it! My kids love it! My friends love it!! The OBX is going to love it! Now I have room for my golf clubs, boogie boards, etc! Nice doing business with you guys. 

    Thanks Eric and Misty!

    Kevin M.   Hampton, VIRGINIA

  • Good morning Misty & Eric,

    I would just like to thank you for all of your help and assistance during the buying process of my '95 Ford. I have never bought a vehicle out of state before and you both made it seem as though you were right down the road.
    I've gotten more compliments in the past two days on my truck than I could've ever expected. Whether it be at the auto parts store, the bank, or even at work somebody's always giving me a thumbs up. A gentlemen even went to the point of calling my store and asked who's beautiful red Ford was out front and if it was for sale, haha. I work at a small local business and its nice to see another company, especially in the auto industry, who not only offers great products, but great service that stands behind them. I would recommend your dealership to anyone who is looking for a quality, clean, southern vehicle.

    Here's a picture of it today after I cleaned it up, I finally have my dream truck!

    J. Zimmerman   Seneca, NEW YORK

  • Hey Eric and Misty,

    I got my 1998 Chevy 2500 6.5 turbo-diesel home and I just love it! What a find and I am not just talking about the truck. I am speaking of the outstanding quality, personal service, and the down home "come on in" atmosphere that E & M Auto Sales has over all of their competition. I am already planning for some upgrades and I am looking to have this truck in the family for a long time. I will be calling again for you to find me the 4 door 6.5 turbo-diesel I am looking for next. Thanks so much for a wonderful buying experience and I can tell you a lot of other dealers, both big and small, can learn a lot from you two,

    Thanks again. A customer for life.

    Robert Haskins   Poolesville, MARYLAND

  • Hello Eric & Misty,

    We would like to say thank you for all you did with our new truck we purchased from you. We bought the 2003 Ford F- 250 on July 28th. We love the truck. You made the whole transaction for us so easy. When we came by to look at what you had for sale at your dealership you didn't come outside and push us to look. You said hello and answered our questions on the few trucks we were thinking about. After the questions were answered you allowed us to drive them and let us talk amongst ourselves without any pressure from you. We liked that since most dealers are very pushy to make a sale. We were treated like a friend and not a customer.  All the vehicles you have are extremely clean and well taken care of. It shows that you put heart into your business and are looking out for your customers. We will definitely refer others to you who may be in the market for a great used vehicle. When the time comes we will definitely be back for our next vehicle. 

    Thank you again for taking care of us.

    Don & Melissa Bahrs  Greenville, VIRGINIA

  • I have been dealing with Eric and Misty at E&M Auto Sales for a few years now. My company provides them with an important service to their business. They have both been fantastic and easy to work with. Misty is very creative and knowledgeable and is always looking for ways to help her customers more and to take their customer service to new heights. I recently had a friend that was looking for wheels and tires for his truck. Although we both live 1300 miles away from E&M Auto Sales, i referred him to misty because i know they sell great tires and wheels for trucks. 
    Overall, this is a great family run dealership that has great deals on nice trucks and really takes care of their customers. When I will be looking to buy a truck (hopefully soon), I will not hesitate to buy it from E&M Autos, 1300 miles away.

    Serge Sushchik     SOUTH DAKOTA
    Tel: 605-306-3358



  • Hi Eric & Misty,

    Just a quick note to thank you, once again for your outstanding customer service. Words cannot express how impressive both of you are with the way you handle your business at such a personal level. If I were given one wish, I'd make it a requirement that everyone come to you guys for all their automotive needs. You guys are very special people and I look forward to dealing with you all again.

    Regards, TC.   Stafford, VIRGINIA

  • Misty and Eric,

    I just don't know where to begin. We are literally beside ourselves over here in East Texas! The truck that we purchased from y'all was probably one of the best looking trucks that I have seen in a long time! If you don't mind I would like to share with the rest of the world our experience with you and your business.
    I would like to start by telling everyone that my husband and I reside in East Texas! As you already know Misty and Eric sell vehicles from their car lot in Locust Grove, Va (this is well over a 1,300 mile drive ONE WAY)! My husband found a truck that when he saw it he knew it was "THE ONE"!! I told him he was crazy and had lost his mind for even thinking abt buying a truck without seeing it first, let alone without driving it to see how it handled and if there were any other problems that used vehicles tend to have. I just couldn't believe that my husband was even considering this truck. This went on for roughly 2 days and then I got a phone call one morning just after he left for work and it was him calling. He said, "BABY, I WANT THIS TRUCK" and then he sends me a picture of this truck (which I will attach so everyone can see what a BEAUTIFUL truck we have! I saw the picture and right a way I was just like he was, "WE GOTTA HAVE IT". We are very outdoors/country and hey ya'll, everything is BIGGER in Texas, right? Absolutely! My husband and I both work in the oil and gas industry. He works on the construction side of the pipeline, and myself well I'm on the inspection side of the pipeline, so as u know it can let a little tricky at times. LOL! He will under NO CIRCUMSTANCE get on an airplane! He is deathly afraid of heights and if anyone is familiar with the oil/gas field, we work 6 to 7 days a week and sometime 16hrs a day. Therefore we don't have the time to make a trip of that caliber and back before work on Monday. Being the loving wide I am (just thought I would throw that one in there lol) I told him that I would fly to VA, get the truck and just drive it back. I know crazy right? When u see the truck you will know why I was ready and willing! It was then that I first contacted Eric. I let him know of our intentions on buying the truck and set a date to pick the truck up on that following Saturday and that I would call with flight details as soon as I purchased my ticket. He said that would be good because he needed to get some information from me also in regards to issuing the title in my name. We were in contact again on Saturday when my flight arrived in Atlanta to make sure I made it ok and that everything was still on schedule (we all know how flying can go from good to terrible in just a few seconds). I was to call when I arrived in Virginia. When our plan touched down we had finally made it. My only fear at his point was, is this truck going to make it 1,300 miles back to
    East Texas (pretty long road trip for a chic to make without her man to protect her, haha). I called the car lot and spoke with Misty, Eric's wife, whom i had been in most contact with and she advised that her in-laws would be there any minute now. Me and one of my girlfriends who had not even been there 15 minutes, saw the most beautiful blue, jacked up, so clean u could see your reflection like u were looking into a mirror kinda truck that roared like a BEAST! I knew at that very moment that we had made a good decision!
    He then explained he would be carrying us to a gas station about 1/2 mile from airport where his wife would be meeting us to sign the paperwork. We arrived at the gas station where his wife was awaiting our arrival. We were finished at that point in less than 5 minutes.
    I guess what I'm trying to tell everyone out there is this...anyone out there who might be looking for a vehicle and may find something that is far away, dont be so quick to jump ship. This experience opened my eyes big time and showed me that there are still good and honest people out there that have values and that really do want to help you if given the opportunity. I wish I would have gotten the opportunity to meet both Eric and Misty to thank them for making a believer out of me again. We are now hunting for a truck identical to the one we purchased from them, only this one being 4-door! Maybe I will get the opportunity once again to do business with them only this time I'll give em a great big hug!

    Eric and Misty, you could never know how much we are impressed with both the way you handled your business at such a personal
    level (not to mention the FLAWLESS ride)!
    Hope everyone has just as pleasent of an experience with them as I did! IT WAS SO WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!

    Thanks again so much..

    K. Ritter   Carthage, TEXAS

  • Hey Eric & Misty,

    We just wanted to thank you. We enjoyed meeting you, visiting with you and buying our Jeep.
    You are wonderful folks and we had the most enjoyable experience buying a car we've ever had.
    You are very kind, courteous and professional.
    We would be glad to complete a survey, or to recommend you, and most certainly tell all our friends about your dealership.
    It was our pleasure meeting you and thanks again for a wonderful buying experience.
    Tell Cruize hello and we hope he feels better soon.
    Will be in touch on Monday. :) happy
    Tom & Kim 
    Stafford, VIRGINIA

  • I love my 2007 Lincoln Mark LT that I bought off you approx. 3 months ago. I've had no problems so far. Thanks for a great price and good vehicle.

    Matt B.  Lost Creek, WEST VIRGINIA

  • To our friends at E & M Auto Sales:

    The 2001 F-350 4x4 crew cab dually that we purchased in September has proven to be a good truck. Everyone who has seen it can't believe how clean it is for an '01.
    We have put over 600 miles on it now and everyday that we drive it, it runs just as nice as it looks...sweet!
    This truck definitely is the nicest used truck we have ever bought. It was well worth the 400 plus miles we drove to get it. It's everything you said it was. Thanks so much for a good deal on a fantastic truck.

    Thanks again...we will be back!

    Anne & Tim F.   Canadice, NEW YORK

  • Eric and Misty,

    In the last year we have sold you two of our vehicles and bought two F-350 dually trucks from you.Our son is pulling 16000 pounds of RV and thanks to you, we will be pulling 9000 lbs of our new RV trailer. Both trucks are great.Your love of vehichles and your willingness to replace parts that no other dealer would ever think of makes every vehicle your sell as perfect as possible. Both of our trucks are everything you said they were. That's why we had no trouble speaking for ours sight unseen. The kindness and trust you showed towards us was heart warming and we would like to call Eric and Misty our new Friends. Thanks for everything.

    Your Friends,

    Alice & Bob W.   Marbury, MARYLAND

  • Eric and Misty,

    Thanks so much for such a nice buying experience! From the time that I was greeted by your friendly bulldog at the door through the entire transaction of trading vehicles, I felt right at home. I appreciate the fact that you were not pushy at all, you answered all my questions, and made the paperwork flow easily. I appreciate you taking care of the DMV stuff as that saved me a lot of hassle. I love my new used car and feel that you treated me fairly and I feel like we both came out with good deals. Whenever I am in the market for a used car, you will be the first on my list and I will recommend you to all my friends.

    Again, thank you and best of luck in the future.

    Mike D. 
    Spotsylvania, VIRGINIA

  • Dear Eric & Misty,

    A little over 2 months ago I purchased from you the Green F-350 with the Powerstroke Diesel. Thumbs up! No problems so far, passed Penn. State inspection with flying colors. Thank you for the great truck at a fair price.


    Eddie L.  Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA

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